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Hanazono Golf Terms & Conditions

HANAZONO GOLF Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions of use and enjoy playing at HANAZONO GOLF.

1. All customers (“you”) using HANAZONO GOLF (“we”, ”us” or “our”) must read and agree these terms and conditions.

2. You shall sign the designated form or proceed prescribed procedure by the check-in system. This will accept you to use facilities.

3. Regarding a reservation and a payment of cancellation fee, please comply with the reservation regulation and the cancellation policy.

4. We reserve to refuse the use of facilities in the following case.

  • If tee times are fully booked.
  • If the golf course is closed due to a natural disaster or other unavoidable circumstances.
  • If you are fallen under any of anti-social forces such as “bouryokudan” or if you have any anti-social relationships.
  • If you are recognized that you against public policy or morals.
  • If you use a false name or the name of another person.
  • If you disregard the rules, manners, and warnings.
  • If you violate the dress code.
  • If there are any other violation of these regulations or if there are undesirable reasons to use our facilities.

5. We reserve to refuse the use of facilities if you are a member of an anti-social force such as “bouryokudan” or a person related, or if you violate these terms and conditions. In addition, if you are recognized that you are a member of an anti-social force, a person related, or their accompanying person after check-in or apply for membership is completed, you may be refused from continued use.

6. Our closing days and opening hours shall be determined by us. They are subject to change on a temporary basis.

7. Please be sure to deposit your valuables in a safe. We do not keep your valuables at the front desk. We will not be held responsible for any damage to your personal belongings, loss or theft of cash or valuables in a safe or elsewhere in the facilities. Please do not bring large amounts of cash or high-value items.

8. We will not be held responsible for theft or damage to personal belongings, cars parked on the site of the golf course, or items in the car.

9. We will not be held responsible for theft, loss or damage of golf clubs, bags, shoes, etc. by delivery service.

10. We will not be held responsible for any accidents involving items stored in the locker.

11. You are requested to observe manners and play on your own responsibility regardless of the advice of the marshals.

12. Please do not swing outside of a teeing area or other designated areas. You shall not enter the teeing area when there is the other player.

13. You must never step out in front of the player in a teeing area. Accidents involving batted balls shall be resolved by the player themselves, and we will not be held any responsibility.

14. You are requested to judge your own carry and direction appropriately. Stroking a ball into adjoining holes is particularly dangerous. If you stroked a ball into an adjoining hole, you must obtain the consent of the player on that hole and must also be careful of accompanying players.

15. When you call-through the group behind, you should stay in a safe place until they finish tee shot.

16. When you holed out, you should leave the green immediately and move along to the next hole through a safe place.

17. Play fee in the event of the golf course is closed due to inclement weather is the following.

  • Play fee will not be charged if you played 2 holes or less.
  • If you played more than 3 holes and there is no potential of resuming play, play fee shall be observed with rainout policy.
  • A rain check will be issued for holes not completed when the course is closed due to inclement weather.
  • Please present a rain check at the front desk.
  • Please check with us for the availability and make a reservation. Tee time will be designated by the golf course.
  • There will be NO refund for rain checks.

18. If thunderstorm occurs and there is a fear of lightning, please stop playing immediately and stay in a lightning shelter or other safe place. In the event of an earthquake, please also stop playing immediately, and be aware of the possibility of slope collapse or damage to bridges and other facilities.

19. When you ride a golf cart you are requested to pay attention to the following to ensure safety, including the instructions on the cart. When driving a golf cart, please follow the instruction provided with the cart, as well as the signs on the golf course, drive safely, and pay attention to the safety of your passengers. We will not be held responsible for any accidents caused by improper operation of the cart.

  • Be sure to take a seat and hold on to the handle of the cart.
  • Do not lean out your body, clothing, tools, etc. from the cart.
  • Do not get on or off the cart while the cart is moving.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.
  • If the accident is caused intentionally or negligently, or by the batted balls, you shall be required to respond in damages caused by the accident.

20. The use of fire is strictly prohibited on the site of the golf course and in the clubhouse except the designated areas. Please be sure to extinguish cigarette before you throw them away in the ashtray provided.

21. If you violate these terms and conditions and causes damage or other accident to a third party or to yourself, we will not be held responsible for any damages or other accidents.

22. Please be sure to check your golf clubs after you finished playing.  We will not be held responsible for any shortage or damages of golf clubs.

23. In the event of damage is caused to the facilities intentionally or negligently, you shall be compensated for damages.

24. The following items are prohibited from bringing into the facilities.

  • Items that have bad odor.
  • Gun, sword, etc.
  • Gunpowder, volatile oil, etc. that may occur explode or noise.

25. The following acts are prohibited in the facilities.

  • Gambling, or acting that against public policy or morals.
  • Selling goods, advertising, etc.
  • Causing trouble or bother the others.
  • Taking bath by people with tattoos.
  • Bring outside food to the restaurant.
  • Practicing on the course.
  • Entering the course by non-player unless permitted. (We will not be held responsible if any damage or accident occurs to non-player even if they are permitted.)

26. We may use personal information for administrative operations.

27. Any occasion not defined in these terms and conditions shall be resolved in accordance with the spirit of the game and the principles of faith and trust.

Last updated:  30th April, 2016